The Future of Hypersonic Flight

There's a private race to deep space.

Most new space companies are focused on reaching the stars – launching global WiFi, putting tourists in space, gas stations on the moon, and colonizing Mars.

We’ve got our sights set right here on earth, where travel is still well, light years behind space ambitions.

No one has ever built an engine that makes one-hour global transport cost-effective.

Until now.

Our team has experience at the most prestigious space organizations in the world.

Meet the Venus Team

Founded in 2020, Venus Aerospace is a startup aerospace company focused on engineering the future of hypersonic flight. We are making one-hour global transport possible to connect the world and make it safer.

We are an expert team of PhD’s, rocket scientists, and engineers taking on the biggest challenges in aerospace at Mach 9 speed. We also take pride in being moms and dads, military veterans, and BBQ enthusiasts who make it #HomeForDinner.

It's time for takeoff.

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