A New Approach to Hypersonic Transportation

There's a private race to deep space.

Most new space companies are focused on reaching the stars – launching global WiFi, putting tourists in space, gas stations on the moon, and colonizing Mars.

We’ve got our sights set right here on earth, where travel is still well, light years behind space ambitions.

How much would you pay to get to the other side of the world in comfort in an hour?

No one has ever built an engine that makes one-hour global transport cost-effective.

Until now.


Our team has experience at the most prestigious space organizations in the world.

The Venus Team

Sassie Duggleby, MBA


Engineer and serial deep tech entrepreneur with multiple exits. Mission Management and Launch Systems Engineer. Passionate about women in tech. Avid lover of outdoor activities (want to surf, camp, hike, backpack, fish, ski…she’s in!). Named herself Sassie at 2 and it stuck.

Andrew Duggleby, PhD

US Navy Officer, Engineering Professor, proven entrepreneur, Rocket Propulsion and Launch Operations. Experienced in large scale, deep tech project management. Would get more PhDs if his wife let him (she won’t 🙂 )

Ben Henderson

Dir. Test & Operations
Rocket test & ground systems expert, with a bad habit of IT expertise. Virgin Orbit’s “Last Person” on launch pad as Pad Engineer. Hero in the eyes of the Duggleby kids for ice machine fixing prowess.

Hannah McCallum

Senior Propulsion Engineer
Rocket Engine Injector & Heat Transfer Wizard, 3D Design, and Test Systems. From theory to turning wrenches, she’s done it all. Will beat you in any race – don’t challenge her, it’s not worth it.

Eric Wernimont, PhD

Sr Principal Propulsion Engineer
Propulsion and energetics materials expert with 30 years experience, from solids to hypergols to liquids, and the program mgmt to actually get it done. Don’t ask him about squirrels…

Josh Camp, PhD, MBA

Principal Aerodynamics & DevOps
Big Data Management, Computation Fluids, Program Mgmt, product lifecycle management. Has a PhD, MBA, does Crossfit, former oil field guy, and joined a startup – we think he’s a glutton for punishment?!?

Mike Martell

Test & Operation Engineer
Mechanic, designer, fabricator, CAD wizard, and former USMC. From his witty humor, endless knowledge of cars, to designing the most complex engine, Mike is your “go-to” guy to get a laugh and get things done!

Katie Radcliffe

Chief of Staff

Business operations & marketing expert. She gets stuff done in a way that we can’t explain…maybe she’s been cloned?!?

It's time for takeoff.

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