Venus Stargazer™ Spaceplane

The fastest, reusable, hypersonic aircraft ever designed.

Venus Stargazer™ Spaceplane, the future of hypersonic flight.

Stargazer is Earth’s first hypersonic, reusable aircraft. No one has ever built an engine that makes one-hour global transport cost-effective. Until now.​

Stargazer will take off from a primary airport with jet engines, then when away from city-center, our rocket engine will propel passengers gently to 170,000 feet and Mach 9, crossing 5000 miles in 1 hour. San Francisco to Japan. Houston To London. All with a 2-hour turn-around.

Next Gen Rocket Engine

Venus’ rotating detonation rocket engine (RDRE) creates 15% more thrust, therefore better range and performance, and allows room for jet engines, landing gear, wings, safety systems, and more.

Leading Edge Cooling

Utilizing the latest heat-pipe technology, Venus’ innovate heat transfer system allows its aircraft to withstand high temperatures during hypersonic flight and aid in faster turnaround times due to efficient inspection cycles.

Innovative Aircraft Shape

A proprietary wave-rider design gives Venus a highly efficient boost-glide mode of flight which translate to a longer glide while traveling at hypersonic speeds.

It's time for takeoff.

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