The Best Food Cities in the U.S.


From coast to coast, these are the best places to travel for foodies and Houston made the list.

Article taken from Travel + Leisure By Lauren Dana Ellman

As America’s most diverse city, it’s no surprise that Houston made our list of the best U.S. cities for foodies. The Bayou City offers something for every palate. As such, options abound, from Viet-Cajun fusion at Crawfish & Noodles to Southeast Asian-Latin American cuisine at Hawker Street Food Bar, which can be found at Post Market. Speaking of Post, this bustling international food haul features fantastic eats from acclaimed chefs. A few of our favorites include ChópnBlok for its West African fare and East Side King, which serves up Japanese street food like pork buns and beet home fries. We’d also be remiss not to highlight Houston’s burgeoning food truck scene, including the award-winning Coreanos, where diners can feast on Korean-Mexican fusion like Korean barbeque tacos.

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