The Ultimate ‘Top Chef’ Houston Location Guide

Top Chef Houston

Take a tour of every restaurant and local landmark featured on season 19 of “Top Chef.”

As the fourth-largest city in the U.S., it’s almost surprising that Top Chef hasn’t shot in Houston before. But when the cheftestants and judges finally made their way to Space City, season 19 did justice to Houston’s culinary scene. Beyond highlighting the ingredients and dishes that Southeast Texas is famous for, Top Chef took viewers on a tour of the people and places that have cultivated the city’s unique culture.

From buzzy new spots to icons in the local food industry, all of the restaurants, markets, museums, and even island (yes, island!) included in this season should be on your Houston bucket list. In the first 12 episodes, you’ll get a great overview of what to eat, see, and do in Texas’ biggest city. Whether you’re the kind of fan that wants to visit everywhere Tom and Padma went, or have just been inspired to plan a food-filled trip to Houston, here are all the locations and restaurants featured in season 19 of Top Chef.


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